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The Haryana Academy of History and Culture even though of relatively recent origin has grown into an advanced centre of study and research in the context of Haryana’s history and culture as also related disciplines. It’s strong foundations in terms of its rich library, other resources and infrastructure have been made possible by the hard work and academic vision of the Academy’s founding Director Prof. K.C. Yadav. While the good work in terms of important projects, publications initiated will continue, several new plans have been drawn up for the future growth and working of the Academy.

One of the key objectives of the Academy is to encourage quality research and advanced study in the Academy’s area of interest and work. With these in mind the Academy will provide platforms for scholars in the form of a peer reviewed Journal to be started shortly as well a series of conferences, seminars and workshop as also funding and facilitating the publication of highly recommended studies and dissertations

The Academy is in the process of identifying areas of study that require more attention. Special major projects are planned with regard to preservation of the State’s cultural heritage and the study of important aspects such as the role and contribution of the armed and paramilitary forces.

A major project that is to be started shortly will put into place a fully documented presentation of the impact of the Partition of Punjab (1947) on the Haryana region as well as how the displaced millions who resettled in the region after 1947 contributed to the State’s social, cultural and economic transformation.

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