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Acceptance of Research Contribution

The Academy will shortly start publication of a peer reviewed prestigious research journal Journal of Haryana History & Culture’ (bi-annual). The journal welcomes contributions from a wide spectrum of disciplines. The essential idea is to encourage quality research in history, culture and related fields. This includes all social sciences, sections from humanities and so on. For example a researcher wishes to make a contribution on the history of agricultural technology or trading of food grains in Haryana or even say the history and grouth of irrigation, articles would be welcome. Provided of ofcourse they meet other specified requirements. Contributions can be made both in English & Hindi. Ideally the length of the paper should be about 4000 to 6000 words.

Procedure for submission of papers

  • Contributions are required to be submitted in a soft copy in MS word online on email hahcresearch@gmail.com
  • A copy of the paper is also to be submitted on paper A4 size, single side typed, double space with adequate margin. A Copy of the paper is also required to be submitted on a CD along with the paper copy. This is to be sent by Regd. Post on the following Address:
    Incharge Research
    Haryana Academy of History & Culture
    Gulzari Lal Nanda Centre, Arjun Chowk, Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra - 136118
  • Details of the contributor along with the title of the paper are to be submitted on a separate sheet along with the paper. The paper itself is not to contain any identity of the author. The same is to be done with the online submission.
  • All papers are to be accompanied by a non refundable submission fee of Rs. 500/- for those in active service and Rs 300/- for all others. This is to be submitted in the form of a Bank Draft/Pay Order in favour of Director, Haryana Academy of History & Culture, Kurukshetra.
  • All submissions are to be accompanied by a certificate duly signed provided below :
    Title of Paper ……………………………………….
  • Certified that the above cited paper is my/our original research work. Further submitted that I am/we are, responsible for all contents of the paper.
  • Signature
    Name. …………………………………..

    Address. ………………………………


  • All papers must contain an abstract of about 300 hundred words.
  • Footnotes/references need to be placed at the end of the paper. Overuse of Footnotes is discouraged.

    Format for Footnoting

  • Numbered consecutively through out the paper.
  • Since the paper does not require the inclusion of a bibliography the first reference to a source would read as follows:
    E. Sridharan, A Textbook of Historiography (New Delhi : Orient Longman, 2004), p. 100. The second reference would read : Sreedharan, Historiography. p. 101.
  • (Title of the book be put in italics)
  • Where references are drawn for a chapter contributed to an edited work :
    V.N.Datta, ‘Punjabi Refugees,’ in Mushirul Hasan (ed.) Inventing Boundaries (Delhi : Oxford University Press, 1981)
  • Where references are from Journals/Magazines
    etc. Dauglas M.Peers, ‘The Habitual Nobility of Being’, Modern Asian Studies 25.3 (1991) p. 545.
  • Where references are drawn from unpublished resources such as those based in Archives etc.
    Deputy Commissioner’s Files, File No. ……………… Municipal Records, Delhi Govt. (National Archives of India).

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