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About Us

A Brief History Of The Academy

​​​​​​​Haryana Academy of History and Culture The Centre of Haryana History, Culture & Sicial Development was established by the July 2006 in Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA), Gurgaon. After about three years, the Goverment of Haryana decided to change the Centre to an Academy in July 2009. As a result, the Haryana Academy of History and Culture came into being on 27 July 2010. It had twofold purpose: one, to carry out in-depth research on the awfully neglected history and culture of Haryana and two, to present these to the people in colours true to history.
Soon after its creation, the Academy took upon itself the task of building an adequate infrastructure – a Library, Records Room and Contemporary Archive – and a proper academic ambience. And that over, the work was started in right earnest on different projects relating to different aspects of life through the ages, concerning religion, philosophy and ethics, education, language and literature, art, architecture and folklore, polity, economy and social change.

It is heartening to note that with the generous help and support of our Government and our people and hard work put in by our staff, the Academy has been able to achieve in a short span of about six years what such institutions with far bigger infrastructures and finances would require several decades or more to achieve. Anyway, to know more about us and our research projects please, visit our premises (76, HIPA Complex, Sector 18, Gurgaon) or our Website, www.hahcgurgaon.in

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