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New Publications

Kind of studies that are published by the Academy

The Academy being devoted to the strengthening of research quality undertakes publication of outstanding research/studies both by scholars already established in their fields as well as young upcoming scholars. Even as the idea is to retain focus on history and culture, the Academy welcomes interdisciplinary contributions. What is of prime consideration is the originality of the work and its ability to meet existing gaps in a field of study.

Good quality and well recommended Ph.D. dissertations will be accepted. Manuscripts are accepted in English & Hindi.

Procedure for submission of Manuscripts for Publication

  • As the first step a contributor is to submit to the Academy on the email Id. hahcresearch@gmail.com an abstract of about 500 words of the proposed publication. The forwarding letter will state the request as well as the author’s – Name, Position, Postal Address, e-mail id and contact Numbers.
  • The proposal for publication will explain : a) Importance of the study. b) How it merits publication and the expenditure to be undertaken by the Academy on its publication.
  • On the receipt of the abstract and above cited requirement the Academy will take a decision on the proposal.
  • If the proposal is accepted the Academy will request the Author to submit the manuscript on the following format :
    1. Soft copy MS word on email hahcresearch@gmail.com
    2. Paper copy double space typed on A4 size with adequate margin on the Academy’s Postal Address to Incharge Research, Haryana
      Academy of History and Culture,
      Gulzari Lal Nanda Centre, Arjun Chowk,
      Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra-136118
    3. Footnotes/References are to be given at the end of the chapter or end of manuscript in a uniform manner.
    4. Bibliography of essential references.
    5. Indexing.
    6. Some photos can be submitting as options for the title page.
    7. Once the publication is finalized the author will be required to visit the Academy and sign an Agreement with the Academy with regard to other publication formalities.

Note : The Publication will be done under the banner of the Academy. A leading printing house will be engaged for printing.

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